Small Business Reopening Guidelines

So, your state has decided to reopen. As a small business owner, you need to know what regulations are in place and how to protect yourself, your employees and your customers. We’re going to go through the guidelines currently in place in your state and how to get started.  Check with your local government to make sure you are meeting current local safety standards. 

First, let’s go over general CDC recommendations.

The CDC suggests that you appoint a workplace coordinator to handle all COVID-19 related issues. Depending on the size of your operation, this may or may not be necessary. 

  •     Examine policies in place for leave, telework and compensation and adjust them as needed for COVID-19. 
  •     Employees should be allowed and encouraged to stay home if they have any symptoms and leave policies should consider those who need to take care of sick relatives or have children at home for whom they are the primary caregiver.  
  •     If it is possible, continue or implement telework options and stagger worker shifts. Policies and protocol should encourage social distancing.
  •     Implement a thorough and regular cleaning/disinfectant plan using EPA approved disinfectants.
  •     Provide and/or require PPE for personnel. Disinfect frequently touched surfaces routinely.
  •     Encourage or require customers to follow social distancing protocol.

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For more information about CDC cleaning guidelines for small businesses, click here.

In addition to CDC recommendations, Pennsylvania has specific recommendations and mandates as well that it is important to follow.

Here are some of the main recommendations for businesses in Pennsylvania.  

  1.     Routine temperature checks are suggested in areas with a high number of cases. Masks must be provided for employees and required customers should be required to wear them to enter. 
  2.     Develop a plan in case an employee becomes sick. Identify their work area and areas they frequented, section them off, and then wait 24 hours before cleaning/disinfecting the area.  Identify employees near them within the last 48 hours and notify and monitor those individuals. Implement temperature screenings for employees. If their temperatures are 100.4 degrees or higher, send them home. If an employee remains asymptomatic, follow these guidelines by the CDC. Sick employees should follow CDC recommendations and stay home in isolation until CDC criteria have been met.
  3.     Businesses should allow no more than 50% building capacity at any time.
  4.     Do not allow non-essential visitors to the worksite.
  5.     Employers must provide access to soap and water and time to wash or disinfect hands.
  6.     When possible, telework and conduct all meetings and training virtually. If the meeting must be in person, limit it to 10 or fewer people, and adhere to social distancing protocol.
  7.     Try to stagger shifts and modify operating procedures so that it is easy for employees to follow proper social distancing protocol.
  8.     Install shields and other barriers where applicable.
  9.     Designate a specific time for at risk shoppers to shop.
  10.     Encourage delivery and curbside pick-up if applicable.
  11.     If carts and hand baskets are used, make sure they are disinfected between each use.
  12.     Businesses with multiple check-out lines should have no more than every other check-out line open.


To read the Dept Of Health Safety Measures, click here.

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For business resources from the PA Chamber of Business and Industry, click here.


Yours in Strength,

The Take Back Control Team

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