The USPS is in dire straits as we near a contentious election this November that will require vote-by-mail in order to be safe during a pandemic.  Trump and his administration have been systematically attacking both vote-by-mail and the USPS.   USPS has been targeted long before this by the GOP.  In 2005, Congress passed a […]

The HEALS Act And Cutting Unemployment Expansion

The HEALS Act and Cutting Unemployment Expansion   Republicans have finally presented the outlines of a second stimulus package called the HEALS Act.  It includes more money for a second stimulus check but leaves out an eviction moratorium extension which expired on the 25th of July or rental assistance of any kind. It also cuts […]

Will A Vaccine Be Enough?

There are currently over 165 vaccines in development all over the world and 27 have moved on to human trials. With a lack of national consensus of pretty much any measure that could be taken to curb the virus–lock downs, mask mandates, comprehensive testing and contact tracing–and no possibility of natural herd immunity, public health […]

Masks Are What Will Save Us

Once a huge source of controversy, there is a growing national consensus on the effectiveness and necessity of masks.  Republicans and democrats alike are now imploring the public to mask up. Even President Trump has changed his tune, just recently coming out with a strong endorsement and calling wearing a mask ‘patriotic.’  Public health experts […]


Besty Devos, the US Secretary of Education, is ignoring the advice of health and science experts as she pushed to reopen schools this fall.  She’s even trying to cut federal funding from schools that don’t resume in-person classes.   If the virus rages unchecked and the pandemic continues to get worse, what good to the […]

Herd Immunity: Can It Save Us?

Herd immunity has been touted as a strategy to deal with COVID-19, preferably through a vaccine, but also naturally as a last resort if the virus continues to spread unmitigated.  What does this mean and will herd immunity be enough to keep us safe?   What is herd immunity?   Herd immunity refers to when […]

The COVID-19 Death Rate: Why It Hasn’t Caught Up To Us Yet

Politicians in the United States are continuing to congratulate themselves as the death rate of COVID-19 is still significantly lower than it was in the spring, despite recent surges in new cases across the country.  We should remember, even when we are around 800 deaths a day, that it is a horrible and preventable tragedy.  […]

A Crisis Within A Crisis: How COVID-19 Is Making The Opioid Epidemic Worse

COVID-19 has pushed many national emergencies into the background. One of the major issues that has taken a backseat in the midst of pandemic chaos is the opioid epidemic. While it doesn’t have the same fear inducing numbers as the pandemic, in 2018, 47,600 people died from opioid related overdoses.  With the coronavirus dominating our […]

The Second Wave: What It Means And When It Will Hit

Are we in a second wave? As COVID cases began to rise across the country in the last month, both in places that hadn’t previously had outbreaks as well as in places that had managed to flatten the curve before attempting to reopen, media outlets and politicians heralded the continued spread of the virus as […]

Childcare On The Brink of Collapse

Perhaps more than anything else, the pandemic has revealed America’s weak spots; cracks in our societal infrastructure that have been ready to crumble for quite some time.  One of these exploited fissures that is now strained to the point of breaking is childcare.  Even before COVID-19 decimated the economy and public health system, childcare was […]

Contact Tracing And The Fight Against COVID-19: How We Failed

By this time, most Americans have a general idea of what contact tracing is and its role in curtailing the spread of the virus. In simplest terms, it’s when a healthcare worker reaches out to you to inform you that you have been in contact with someone infected with COVID-19.  They advise potentially infected people […]

White House COVID-19 Safety Protocol

Question: What steps does the White House take to ensure COVID-19 doesn’t come near the president?   Answer:   Daily COVID-19 tests for the President and staff Daily temperature checks Regular deep cleaning Social distancing protocol Testing of all guests Voluntary face coverings encouraged   What you can do at home:   What can you […]

Imminent Evictions

A huge fall out of the coronavirus and lack of government intervention is the avalanche of evictions heading our way.  This renter’s crisis has already begun as states reopen and eviction moratorium and mortgage freezes are lifted.  There are roughly 110 million Americans in rental units and even before the pandemic ground the economy to […]

The Status of the Next Stimulus Package

The situation in the US is dire across all fronts. From public health to the economy, hard working everyday Americans are suffering as COVID-19 spreads unchecked and cases reach new daily highs and workers and businesses desperate to support themselves place themselves in dangerous conditions to try to make ends meet.    The CARES Act […]

The Final Word On Masks

Since the pandemic began, masks have been a point of controversy.  Are they effective in limiting the spread of the virus? How effective? Can they be harmful? Who should be wearing them?  And what types of masks work best? Back and forth and over the background of the continuous spread of the virus, government officials, […]

The True Cause of COVID Spikes: Lack of Leadership 

Across the US, COVID-19 rates are increasing, and hospitals and localities that were initially spared are now the new virus hot spots.  Arizona, the Carolinas, Texas and more than 20 other states that escaped the initial impact of the pandemic are now struggling to address the crisis.  In direct contrast to this public health threat, […]

How the CARES Act Failed the American People

On March 25th, the government passed the CARES Act, a bipartisan and historic stimulus package totaling roughly $2 trillion. So why has this package done so little to help real people?   There are four main reasons…   It went to wrong people.  Between tax cuts, corporate loopholes, using banks as intermediaries, much of the […]

Are Masks Harmful or Helpful? FACT CHECK

People are understandably frustrated by the need to wear masks. So, are masks helpful in slowing down the spread of COVID-19 and, two, can wearing a mask actually harm you, as some have claimed in rumors making the rounds online? The answers are simple.       YES, masks are helpful (even essential) in containing […]

Viral Mutations and The Race for a Vaccine

COVID-19, like most viruses, is mutating.  What does this mean for the direction of the virus and the development of a vaccine?    Although virus mutations have the reputation of always being a deadlier development, scientists say mutations within RNA viruses, like the coronaviruses, are normal and expected and can sometimes result in a weaker […]


As states reopen amid the ongoing pandemic, employers and business owners are worried about their potential liability for the spread of the virus.     If an employee or customers contracts COVID-19, do they have grounds to sue?  This is not a theoretical worry, it is already happening, and as of yet, no real legal precedent […]

Vote by Mail: FACT CHECK

  There’s been a lot of confusion recently about vote-by-mail.  So, what’s the truth?   Vote-by-mail has been used by many states for many years.  There is no evidence of increased voter fraud in Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington and Utah, the states that already practice “all mail” elections.  These states institute best practices, such as […]

Hazard Pay

Frontline and essential workers have continued working through the public health crisis, many with no additional pay.  The “thank yous” and recognition they receive, serve only to mask the fact that they are forced to put themselves at significant risk or lose their jobs without the ability to file for unemployment.  Their predicament is thrown […]

Small Business Reopening Guidelines

So, your state has decided to reopen. As a small business owner, you need to know what regulations are in place and how to protect yourself, your employees and your customers. We’re going to go through the guidelines currently in place in your state and how to get started.  Check with your local government to […]

Hospital Fatality Reporting: FACT CHECK

A false and dangerous rumor has recently been making the rounds that could put more people’s lives at risk, with some rumor mongers accusing hospitals of inflating the numbers, claiming that the hospitals have some kind of profit motive for treating COVID patients.  Let’s talk about why this rumor is false and dangerous. Can hospitals […]

The Road Ahead

The more we find out about COVID-19, the more contagious it reveals itself to be, with its effects ranging from respiratory failure to strokes and its symptoms from headaches to loss of smell or taste and the possibility of mutations. There is increasing evidence that staying six feet apart is relevant only when outside in […]

What Reopening Means for Workers

Essential workers have been on the frontlines in the past months, risking exposure to the virus to continue providing essential services, often for low pay and without the option of staying home and receiving unemployment.  Their rights, or lack thereof, have been one of the main parts of a national discussion as COVID-19 has thrown […]

Antibody Tests: What You Need to Know

There’s been a lot of talk about antibody testing lately and its respective uses.  It’s been touted as a possible way to determine who can re-enter the workforce and as a way to more accurately trace how widespread exposure to the virus really is.  However, the accuracy of the tests and its use as a […]

Contact Tracing

What is contact tracing? Contract tracing is an infrastructure that allows COVID-19 cases to be tracked down and isolated, significantly mitigating the spread of the virus.  Tracers find active coronavirus cases, contact the positive individual and find out where they have been and who they have had contact with in the recent weeks.  The tracers […]

Covid-19 Scams and How to Avoid Them

Crises usually see a rise in scammers–people looking to take advantage of others’ fear and vulnerability. Keep reading to find out which scams are currently circulating and how to avoid them: GoFundMes and other charities have popped up asking for donations to a good cause.  Some of these are authentic but many are not.  Be […]

Reopening PA: What You Need to Know

On Friday, May 8th, 24 counties in Pennsylvania will be reopening, moving from “phase red” to “phase yellow” as certain restrictions are lifted, so that businesses and individuals can begin to get back to a “new normal”.  These counties are Bradford, Cameron, Centre, Clarion, Clearfield, Clinton, Crawford, Elk, Erie, Forest, Jefferson, Lawrence, Lycoming, McKean, Mercer, […]

Want to Deliver Something to a Friend? How to Minimize the Risk for Both of You

Many states, or parts of states, are reopening.  Although certain governments seem to be loosening their stay at home mandates, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should go out.  There are many people who may prefer to stay at home, or who need to such as those of us who are at higher risk and need […]